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General FAQ

Party FAQ

  1. How much time should I set aside for our reading?

    For live readings:

    It depends on which spread or amount of time you decide to purchase. The more cards in a spread, the more detail you'll receive. It can be as fast as 15 minutes or as long as an hour+. I can let you know specifically when we correspond. I can also tell you though, I am not that reader who drags stuff out.

    For written and video recorded readings: 
    I created this pre-recorded option for individuals with a heavier schedule and it will have an additional charge for the additional time needed to put together. Your reading will be sent to you in either typed or video format depending on what you choose. This will allow you to focus on your reading without the added stress of rearranging your schedule. You will receive the reading in a timely manner and will be able to view it whenever and wherever you want. You'll also have the added benefit of being able to go back to re-read/re-watch at your pleasure!


  2. Can you do a reading to gain information on someone else?​
    Can I? Yes. Will I? No. Doing a reading to gain information on someone else is like opening someone else's mail..not ethical. However, if you are concerned about a friend or loved one's well being, we can focus on what you can do to help them through their trying time.  Or if (for example) you want to understand why a certain someone has come into/has been in/or has left your life, I can give you that clarity. Remember, your spread is focused on YOU, even though other people's influences may show up. 


  3. How do you know which spread to do for me?
    You will specify which spread you would like from my "Services & Pricing" page upon contacting me or if just a certain amount of time is selected, I will handle the spreads myself. Custom spreads are also an option. If you are unsure, I'd say go with what your energy is drawn to or we can absolutely discuss what would work best for you. Keep in mind, the more cards in a spread, the more insights you'll receive. I always recommend "The Old Fashioned" for any first timers.

  4. Is it okay if I tell you about what's going on in my life before you do my reading?
    Giving me too much information about what is going on with you will only "water down" your reading. However, if you really want me to focus on a specific area of your life, you can certainly let me know. Giving me all the details may only make your reading more redundant. Once I hit a strong point for you, you're 
    always welcome to confirm that with me. 

  5. Do you talk to the dead?
    I can use Tarot as a bridge of communication but I don't consider myself a Medium.

  6. How do you get your messages?
    The messages I receive depend on the card placements, the spread, the questions asked, and the insights I receive from my Guides as well as my own intuition.


  7. How do you take payments?
    I can take payments through PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle. Cash is also acceptable if reading in person. Payment is required before the reading.

8. Refunds?
Refunds are only issued if the time utilized for the reading ends up being less than the time originally booked.

  1. What are your party rates and how much time do guests have with you?
    There is a base rate of $222 which covers at least 15 minutes for at least 6 people and my travel fee within the Atlanta area. This base rate has me in attendance for an Hour and 30 minutes. For parties larger than 6 people wanting readings, further discussion on pricing will need to happen. If a guest starts with a 15 minute reading and wishes to have more time, additional payment ($35 every 15 minutes) is required before we go further than the initial 15 minutes. The Base Payment of $222 is required before the event. Gatherings less than 6 people aren't considered a party, and rates will be discussed before booking.

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