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Tarot Spread Menu

Readings are $35 every 15 minutes.

The below readings reflect the amount of time is needed for each spread.

Custom Spreads are also available.

Refunds are only issued if the time utilized for the reading ends up being less than the time originally booked.

pink and red cocktail isolated on a blac

Cupid's Cocktail $40-$55
Love should be as simple as this spread is! Whether single or in a relationship, this spread will give insight into your present self, key challenges preventing your love life or relationship from progressing, past issues affecting your present, and the potential future outcome. 

Old fashioned Negroni cocktail on the bl

The Old Fashioned $35
Always a classic! This spread is great for those new to tarot or for those who just need a shot of simplicity.

cocktail glass of red frozen daquiri str

The Daquiri $50
Got a "quiri"? This spread is great for those with a specific question on their mind. You'll gain quick insight into what the struggle is as well as the solution.

Manhattan drink with red cherry on black

The Manhattan $60

5 Cards, 5 boroughs! This spread will give you a glimpse of what's really going on and where you're headed in a New York minute.

closeup of a cup with smoke and bubbles

The Witches Brew $70
Witch up! This spread utilizes the cards to deliver messages from the elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Spirit), + 1 center card to represent yourself. 

Kamikaze cocktail, included In the numbe

The Kamikaze $70 
This spread is for those times where you're like "WHAT. THE. FUCK?!". This spread is designed to make things much clearer as well as show you what you could do.

cosmopolitan martini served with a lime

The Cosmo $90
This spread will loosen up within you where things are as well as where things are heading and always with a sweet spot.

tequila sunrise.jpg

The Tequila Sunrise $100 
This spreadwill give you insight into what's on the horizon with your health, love life. finances, family, and social life. You'll also receive a glimpse of obstacles, guidance, and what you need to change or let go of.

vodka and orange screwdriver classic coc

The Screwdriver $110
 The only thing screwed here will be anything that holds you back! This spread will be sure to clear out any limitations. 

Martini glass and olives isolated on bla

The Martini $120
Designed to shake things up! This spread will address where your masculine and feminine energies are currently at, as well as what is in store for you and those masculine and feminine energies as a whole.

 Celebration theme with splashing champa

The Bubbly Pop $130

Cheers! This spread is designed to look at your year ahead! Perfect for New Year's, Birthdays, or Anniversaries!

margarita cocktail with lime on dark bac

The Midnight Margarita $150
Put the lime in the coconut and drink this spread up! Here you will gain insight from your past influences that brought you to your current situation, as well as a detailed view into where things are heading. The definite choice for those really wanting to understand a life lesson to the fullest. 

Ice tea isolated on black background.jpg

The Long Island $200
Get awwwlll the details of The Midnight Margarita, tips from the Universe to keep you on course and two optional paths you can take.

*Payment is required before all readings*


Photo by: @photosbyvictoriarae on Instagram

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